Tuesday, July 17, 2012

J. and the girl

For years, we wanted to visit St. Peter Ording but never really managed to get there since it always felt to be too much "off route"… This time we decided to make the miles as we planned to visit some German friends we got to know on our last trip to Cap Verde. Our timing couldn't have been better as SPO (that's how the insiders call St. Peter Ording) was hosting this years biggest kite event, the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup (http://www.kitesurfworldcup.de/english/).

After paying he mandatory 12 Euro fee (1 car, 2 adults "Kurtax"), we entered the enormous sand beach of SPO just around noon. Several hundred of campers and cars were parked in a tight disorder. Party was on! Generators humming to produce the energy for the loud techno beats. As far as you could see there were party people on the roofs of their mobile party homes. Our initial plan was to spend the nights at the beach, but we wisely decided to check in at a very nice local camping instead and only enjoy the vibrant life during daytime. We must have grown up?

The few days we spent in SPO gave us all from hot weather with no wind to rain, rain and again rain. And some wind - all from 45 knots to nice kiteable conditions. In SPO we both got to kite in such crowded conditions that the traffic jam in Paris seemed like a joke in comparison. Even though the wind conditions were not so world class we still managed on our last day to see the kite elite compete in Freestyle. An amazing experience! Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Gisela Pulido only to mention some.

It was brilliant to meet up with J. and S. again and specially Noah enjoyed the company of S. Thank you guys! Spiderman keeps talking about "the 7-year old girl"….

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